adjudicate ad‧ju‧di‧cate [əˈdʒuːdɪkeɪt] verb [intransitive, transitive] LAW
1. to officially decide who is right in an argument between two groups or organizations:

• The union has offered to adjudicate the claim.

adjudicate on

• The court refused to adjudicate on the issue until all construction activities on the disputed site had ceased.

2. be adjudicated bankrupt to be judged by a court of law to be unable to pay debts
— adjudication noun [uncountable] :

• This is a matter for adjudication.

— adjudicator noun [countable] :

• an impartial adjudicator

* * *

adjudicator UK US /əˈdʒuːdɪkeɪtər/ US  /-ṱɚ/ noun [C] LAW
a person or group that makes an official decision about something, especially about who is right in a disagreement: »

The construction group has brought seven separate disputes with the developer to adjudicators in the past month.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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